Reincarnation, dead end, layering, fine art prints,

Spiritual Art

Like in the subject matter I create, and the style in which it is created, I am eclectic in my spiritual beliefs.  I have believed in reincarnation for as far back as I can remember.  And as I educate myself in the various spiritual beliefs and philosophies, so I question, and so my work evolves.

Reincarnation: Spiritual conversations with our Creator

Celestial Conversations ” –

I wanted to portray my thought that once we leave the physical, we converse with our Creator about all our previous physical lives.  The “orbs” represent these previous physical lives, while the x-rays are an interpretation of ourselves and our Creator having a discussion about these lives.

Reincarnation, dead end, layering, fine art prints,Cul – de – Sac of Life ” –

I think we all have, at some point or another in our lives, gone down the wrong path – made that wrong choice, and the empty wall to nowhere on the left of the image portrays this.  But the image is also about hope.  The women, holding hands and skipping down the opposing wall, represent happiness in that if we remember past mistakes, we can correct the present and have a fulfilling future.

Three Strikes and You’re Out ” –

We have all heard, and understand the phrase: Three Strikes and You’re out.  Believing that we are here for the sole purpose of correcting mistakes made in previous lives, I have to question how many chances we get to correct these mistakes.  Is it a matter of numbers, or is it more an issue of our spirit, or our Creator, knowing that there is still a possibility for us to correct these mistakes and this is why we remain on this earth?  And what happens if we do correct these mistakes, is our purpose on this earth over and so we die physically?

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Art

      1. Yes Emilio, there is no one way, and I think it is not meant to be a singular path…. Otherwise why should there be such a plethora of variety in creation? The way or ways that keeps us happy and peaceful is THE spiritual path . Thank you too for your visits and encouragement!

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