I consider myself fortunate to have seen, learnt, and experienced so much of what life has to offer.  Both the good, and the bad.

The National Geographic magazine had a huge impact on me as a child.  The images captivated my attention and Geography became my favourite subject at school.  By the age of 11, I knew where every continent, country, sea, and ocean was on my twirling globe.  I saw myself as an explorer of the world, going forth and conquering these explorations with my camera.  I was so taken with this fantasy that at the age of 13, I wrote to National Geographic asking them for a position as a photojournalist. Ah the naivety of youth.

Nearly a decade later I chose a career in television with the South African Broadcasting Corporation.  A few years later, I was offered a position with Channel Africa’s television department and my career took on a continuous learning curve.

Although video editing and image manipulation fed my creative spirit, it was journalism that afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, and witness the most depraved indifference that man is capable of inflicting on another.  Live studio directing provided an ongoing adrenaline rush, and management taught me the most valuable lesson of all: trust my intuition.

There have been several memorable incidents in my television career, but without a doubt the highlight was meeting Nelson Mandela.  Nothing could have prepared me for the strength and courage that radiates from the man.

I experienced the most humbling moment in my life the 2nd time I spoke with him.  The fact that Nelson Mandela remembered who I was from our brief encounter of several weeks earlier, just blew me away.

After more than a decade of working in broadcast media, I migrated towards corporate communications and for the most part produced videos for South African Airways.

Emilo Lovisa artwork imagePrior to immigrating to Canada in 1999, I spent some time in Italy where I continued to paint.  Some of my better work was created during this period.

Yes, it is a cliché, but everything does happen for a reason and here I am, having come full circle.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but as long as I am creating, it’s all good.

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