photographic art prints for saleFrom the Blog title, I guess that it’s no surprise that my name is Emilio and that I create Visual Art.

I am a Vancouver, Canada, based visual artist and have a passion for visual art. When not working on a project that is client specific, I create photographic artwork simply for the love and need to create. My art photography is where I find my freedom of self-expression.  I enjoy the freedom of creating a series of images by implementing a particular technique, and then moving onto another, rather than restricting myself to any particular style, or subject.

Not only do I enjoy  the challenge of creating such work, but this also affords the image buyer to see a different interpretation of a subject which may have become stagnant because of its visual availability in everyday life. For me, it is about giving the subject matter a new energy, a new life –  interpreting it in a different way so as to broaden the emotive response.

To quote an artist who I admire, not only for his works but also because of his candor with words: “To copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility.” – Pablo Picasso.

My philosophy for art buyers is that the artwork should be meaningful in its interpretation and resonate for them on some level – what the artists message is, should be secondary.

If you would like any further information please contact me via my web site.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.


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